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Get more sleep, get better sleep, & Experience a whole New You.

DEEP SLEEP is a patented neuroacoustic software technology designed to accelerate the onset of sleep by guiding your brain wave frequencies to the delta range (0.5-4Hz) so you can fall asleep faster.

Sleep sustains us and maintains us. While we sleep, our brain cycles through a number of frequency states that add up to rest, recovery, and a healthy brain. When that cycle is interrupted for one night, let alone frequently, the symptoms of an unhealthy brain start making a negative impact on our lives.

DeepSleep helps tune your brain down to its optimal frequencies for a healthy sleep cycle and keep it there for up to a full night’s sleep.


Sleep isn’t wasted productivity, it is your body and brain’s biggest asset. Maximize your return on investment with DeepSleep.

Making the most of every day, also means making the most of every night. DeepSleep will prime your mind for better, more complete sleep. With fewer interruptions, and a proper sleep cycle, your brain has the tools it needs to give your body the cellular energy and recovery you need to own the day.

Drugs and sleep aids abound, and they all promise to help you fall asleep fast. Rarely do they talk about the quality of the sleep you will get, and there is a logical reason for that.

Layed ambiently while you sleep, DeepSleep’s oscillating frequency algorithm keeps your bran’s frequency tuned, doing much more than helping you fall asleep or even stay asleep. DeepSleep gives your brain a model of a healthy sleep cycle that many of us have lost. So, like all of NuCalm’s channels, the more you use it, the better it will work in supporting deep, restorative sleep that will change the way you start, and finish, your day.

Don’t settle for solving the frustration of falling asleep; experience the feeling of waking up rested and ready to own the day.

Finishing strong is all about starting strong. Getting the most out of sleep is critical if you want to get the most out of your waking hours. DeepSleep is a critical part of the NuCalm family of channels, and lets you start every day coming off a full night of the best sleep neuroscience can give you, with zero drugs.

DeepSleep gives you the option to loop your journey to give you a healthy, balanced sleep cycle through the entire night. More than just simple bedtime stories or sleep melodies, DeepSleep helps your brain stay tuned for rest and recovery the whole night.