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Push Harder, Go Farther, and Shatter Personal Bests.

The distance that separates two sprinters at the finish line can be hundredths of a second, is what separates them some miniscule amount of muscle or traning, or something deeper? The power of your brain to push past physical barriers and tap into deep wells of motivation and strength isn’t well understood, but we see it in action every day.

Align Your Body and Mind For Elite Performance with IGNITE

Tuned to its highest operating frequencies, your brain dials up adrenaline, energy, and concentration, adding mental toughness to physical, and driving performance to its peak.

Stop Performing With Only Half Of Your Muscle.

Ignite is the first and only product of its kind to give you the power to enter “The Zone” at will. Using your brain’s own tools, NuCalm gives you the power to consciously tap into your real source of power, your mindstate.

How does it work?

When it comes to performance, your brain is your better half.

Elite performance is all about focus on the goal at hand backed by training and muscle. Without that focus, all the strength and training in the world will be handcuffed by a poor performance mind state. Ignite unlocks elite performance by locking your target into focus and keeping you in the zone until you reach it. By changing your relationship with a “can’t do” attitude, and showing you the results of brain driven performance, Ignite will take your game to levels you never thought were possible, whatever your game is.

Unlike NuCalm’s CORE channels (Rescue, Recharge, and Reboot), with Ignite, headphones are optional, and a biosignal processing disc isn’t desirable. This gives you unprecedented power to take Ignite with you onto the field, track, stadium, or wherever you need to perform like a Champion. Where NuCalm’s CORE channels center around your brain’s low frequency range, our EDGE channels are all about taking you to the edge of human performance with clinically proven neuroscience.

Ready to add Ignite to your Journey and Dial In Championship Performance?