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Get more sleep, get better sleep, & Experience a whole New You.

Recharge works without drugs, in harmony with your body’s natural parasympathetic nervous system.

Utilizing our patented biosignal feedback discs and oscilating frequency algorithms, Recharge uses complex neuroscience and technology to achieve one simple goal – deep restorative relaxation.

Physical and Mental Recovery, In Your Pocket.

We’re all aware of the benefits of sleep, but never before has the power to consciously and purposely use those benefits any time you choose been available outside the laboratory to the general public. Rescue isn’t just life changing, it’s paradigm shifting.

How does it work?

It’s impossible to know when bad sleep might strike, bad news might drop, or productivity and motivation magically just evaporate. Where life can be unpredictable, Rescue is anything but.

Rescue is laboratory neuroscience brought to life. Utilizing our patented biosignal processing discs and the NuCalm App, Rescue gently tunes your brain’s frequency down, changing your corresponding mental state. Rescue’s patented oscillating frequency algorithm is smarter than your brain’s powerful pattern recognition, and keeps you in this deeply restful state for as long as you choose, without distraction or interruption.

Ready to add Rescue to your Journey?